How the Gut Bacteria Are The Boss Of Your Hormones

What you will discover: 

  • Gut health and gut bacteria are the most overlooked elements of hormonal balance (includes menopause, thyroid issues, estrogen excess).
  • The microbiome is now considered an endocrine organ, some consider it even more powerful than the other endocrine glands – it controls the production and inhibit or support hormonal balance.
  • You can’t get far in your healing if you don’t fix the gut microbiome.
  • Kiran covers how bacteria impact these hormones: serotonin (and its role), dopamine (and its role), norephinephrine.
  • Correlation of between the gut microbiome and depression.
  • How the gut bacteria impact estrogens (hint: the gut produces all three estrogens), promotes the levels of estriol (aka E3, the protective estrogen) and helps with reducing symptoms of menopause and osteoporosis.
  • Impact of the bacteria on the estrobolome which detoxifies us from the harmful estrogen – these estrogens are the main cause of breast cancers, breast lumps.
  • We have all the bacteria we need, the issue is how much of each to create a balanced ecosystems – the Megasporebiotics help suppress harmful bacteria and regrowth of underrepresented positive bacteria.
  • Spore bacteria also suppress the inflammation in the gut and closes the walls of the gut.
  • Progesterone is also produced in the micro biome which then signals when and how much to produce.
  • Menopause – the microbiome (and sporebiotics) can help produce estriol (E3) which alleviates menopause symptoms.
  • One dose of broad spectrum antibiotics can decrease the gut bacteria by up to 90%! Megasporebiotics help with the re-growth of the positive bacteria (take Megasporebiotics if you must take antibiotics).
  • How the spores help bring down the TPO Hashimoto’s antibodies – currently studied based on patient stories.
  • Bottom line: The key to balanced hormones is a healthy gut with a wide range of bacterial microflora.

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  • Sally Savchenko says:

    I watched the video and got very enthusiastic about Megasporebiotics and THEN discover I can’t get them shipped to U.K.!

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  • Ashley says:

    In the video you said you would post the links to the studies. I am not seeing them.

  • Tina P.dL says:

    If the microbiome makes progesterone naturally, how come our company MD suggested all ladies who reach 40 years of age to take progesterone cream in limited quantity. So since then I have been taking progesterone cream in 1/2 tsp. per day but a DC later said standard suggests reducing it to 1/4 tsp so I did. I use Emerita Pro-Gest paraben-free with black cohosh. Is this cream really needed for life? I am 65. yrs. old now. I also take their estrogen cream in small dose externally applied to skin.

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