Happy people work on being happy.

Healthy people work on staying healthy. 

Healing people work on their healing journeys.

A big part of this work is the mindset we choose to adopt. In today’s video, I want to share with you how intention setting can change how your week unfolds. 

Week #2 Intentions: What is my body telling me when I’m “coming down with something?”

Excuse the loud music and hippy dancing at the background ;-).


Week #1 Intentions: Buying local = stronger immune system. 

Intentions don’t have to be grand. In fact, the smaller they are, the more likely they are to be accomplished. 

In this week’s Intentional Mondays’ video, I chose my intentions to be: “buying local” and I share a true (and painful) story from 15 years ago how local food impacts our immune system. 

Join me in setting your intentions for this week. 

You can do a few things:

1. Post them on our Facebook page
2. Email them to me, if you like.
3. Write them down and stick them on your office wall, fridge, bedside table. Whatever. 

Keep them simple. 
Keep them real. 
Keep them honest. 

Don’t be fluffy. Like, “I just want to be happy.”

But rather:
“My intention is to eat good breakfast this whole week.”
“My intention is to be kind to ABC in spite of all the annoyance”
“My intention is to try a new healing food, like camu camu.”

You get the drift. 

Intentions are what sets us apart in our happiness, health and healing. 

Do we start the week from a place of abundance and joy, or from a place of fear and anger?

This is not my Californian “woo woo” talk: fear and anger (as much as shame, guilt and all other catabolic feelings) cause cortisol spikes. 

Cortisol – the silent stress hormones that can destroy the thyroid, block progesterone and promote excessive estrogen. This simply means things we are all too familiar with: weight issues, depression, hair loss, fatigue, infertility and more. 


This is one thing that has made a difference in my life and the lives of so many. 

Come and play with me. 

Set your intentions for this week. 

Start small. It will get easier from there.